At CNC, we are a team of qualified Nutritional Therapists providing specialist nutrition care for people with digestive health problems.

We offer practical nutrition and lifestyle solutions to a variety of symptoms and conditions using a functional medicine model. This means that we look at the root cause of your symptoms and provide a personalised programme, designed to restore your digestive health. 

One of our core values is integrity and we are passionate about avoiding pseudoscience and health fads. With CNC, you can be assured of 100% evidence-based health recommendations, devised by a team who care.

BANT Registered

CNHC Registered

We work collaboratively with the top industry specialists and laboratories to bring the latest in functional medicine testing and nutritional protocols. If you think you might have a digestive issue and would like us to help, please get in touch


We offer a free 20-minute telephone call, which offers you the chance to find out more about how we work, ask any questions you might have and work out whether our services are right for you.