Introducing CNC

I’m thrilled to introduce CNC; specialist nutritional therapy for IBS and other gut related health conditions.

I came across Nutritional therapy in 2013 after several years of painful struggle with my health. In an attempt to gain some control of my wellbeing I had embarked upon a 12-week nutrition and fitness course, through which I began to learn the ins-and-outs of human nutrition and how it relates to wellbeing. The results of this course were, to me, extraordinary. It led to the eventual cessation of my medication and sparked a profound vocation to work in this field. Here began a 5-year journey of education and clinical practice which brings me to today, the official launch of CNC.

CNC stands for Collaborative Nutrition Care which I hope sums up my company values of collaboration, integrity and care.

Collaboration. My own experience of struggling through complicated health conditions taught me that collaboration between medical and complementary health practitioners is incredibly valuable but requires a collective spirit of collaboration which I hope to foster through CNC.

Integrity. Something that stood in the way of my own progress for many years was pseudoscience and health ‘fads’. Who and what should I believe? Thus, integrity is central to the way I practice nutrition, ensuring that all solutions I offer my clients are entirely evidence-based and provided alongside appropriate management of expectations.

Care. The value of care is one that I believe ties all our values together and I hope will move CNC closer to its vision of advancing the field of nutrition and functional medicine into mainstream healthcare, where it belongs. Cultivating a high value for care, I hope to inspire a sense of trust in my clients that their wellbeing will be prioritised, and that great care will be taken in designing their programmes.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about functional nutrition with you through this blog, as well as my own ideas about health and wellbeing. Please feel free to comment with questions or requests, and I look forward to being of service. 


We offer a free 20-minute telephone call, which offers you the chance to find out more about how we work, ask any questions you might have and work out whether our services are right for you.

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